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You are making more of a difference than you'll ever know

I hope your week is a little brighter than the last, and that you can begin to see just a little bit more of your infinite power, light and gifts that are so unique to you

You might not be where you wish to be or as _____ as you'd like to be

But you are powerful You are made of light And you are love

The human mind strives for perfection and

so intently hones in on protection

But what if I told you that your smile gave that passer-by just a glimmer of hope on their darkest day, that your art lifted the spirits of somebody who'd not felt joy in such a long time, that your story saved somebody who'd felt for so long that they were so alone.

What if I told you that the part of you that embarrasses you is the part of you that sets other's souls alive

What if I told you that your voice and wisdom are so unique and that the world misses out by you hiding your gifts

It doesn't matter if you're not where you wish to be, or that it hasn't all gone to plan, because it often doesn't. We've seen that more than ever this year. But when we release our tight grasp and surrender to something greater, you allow your light in this world to make a difference just by you being you.

What would you do or shall I say how would you show your true colours if nothing was there to stop you? <3

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