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Honouring Ourselves

I am not interested in a life so concerned with where we've been or where we're going

We can look too closely at the past and we can long too much for the future, missing the here and now

I am not interested in honouring in ways that bypass our oneness, this to me isn't honouring

We honour the elements, those who've gone before, those yet to come, all beings, by BEING

Not by losing ourselves in service, but in being ourselves and honouring our needs

I remember feeling or hearing the words once from my ancestors "when you honour yourself, you honour us"

To really get to know our truth and embody it, is how we honour those who have gone before. They are alive within us after all

We are not here to lose ourselves We are not less because we listen to our needs We are wild, we are made for these times And we welcome in the new, when we allow ourselves to truly be

What does it mean to truly BE?

In this body of this earth In these waters of these waters In this breath of the air In this wild heart and soul of the cosmos

Our wild, beautiful, earthly bodies like rocks of all forms, the waters of consciousness stream amongst and within us all

We need not change a thing, it just is

It's time we maybe sit a while and ask ourselves;

Who are we when the searching stops? Who are we becoming? What wild wonder is waiting to be born within us?

Only to open our eyes a little more to see and feel that we are it all, and we have been all along

~ Happy Spring Equinox!

What seeds are you sowing? What dreams are waiting to be brought forth into the light?

I am dreaming and feeling into these right now:

- exploring earthly embodiment practices together online & in person - collaborating with beautiful beings & birthing newness online & in person - surrendering to resting & receiving a whole lot more - bringing more real, wild humour into these spaces - & speaking more openly about my experience with trauma from abuse


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