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Saturn leaving Aquarius

As we close out the last 3-year cycle of Saturn in Aquarius today, how has it been for you since March 2020?

Saturn is about gaining maturity, and for me, it has been partly about community, dreams, co-creation, and deeply overcoming fears around letting others in and trusting, be that trusting myself, family, friends, my partner, and in the working space.

Another aspect has been learning, so much learning on different levels, and especially learning how to listen to my needs and how to communicate them gently (a challenging but powerful one)

This poem came about when I sat down to journal with blue lotus, and after a few perfectionist words of what I felt I "should" write about, my hand became tight along with my jaw and my heart guided me to choose the uncomfortable truth over the easy choice of following others.

To trust my inner wisdom, to know I have all it takes to move through both the blissful joy AND the vulnerable, wild and uncomfortable parts that are still tender.

I am excited but also nervous for Saturn entering Pisces, as it's my Saturn return, and I am afraid of just how my life may change, how I may change.

And so I loosen my grip, and over and over, I lean into trust that it's all a part of the birthing process.

A part of this earthly, embodied, and wild cosmic journey, where NO ONE has it all together, has it all sussed, or has control.

How are you honouring Saturn leaving Aquarius, into the intuitive, dreamy sign of Pisces tomorrow?

Check out the free two-part guide by @virginiarosenberg explaining and exploring the previous 3 years in Aquarius, and the next 3 years in Pisces to come, linked below


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