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Feminine Emergence

As the moon waxes in Taurus, the slow, earthly, homely, and creative sign, I feel the energies of my Venus in Taurus emerging.

Venus, the planet of love, in its home sign Taurus, is a lot about physical touch, tenderness, the home, and much more.

I have held back a little from sharing my passion for astrology, fearing I didn't know enough, yet at the same time affirming daily that we are remembering this ancient wisdom within us.

And I have felt the same about my deep discovery and journey with Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, and Mother Mary, partly fearing I didn't know enough to share as well as feeling that words couldn't even begin to express the experiences.

So here I am trying, opening to and allowing it to flow.

After all, this beautiful rose Magdalene path is exactly that, unable to be limited to words or labels, so instead all we can share is our experience.

I have begun to see now that being called to Norwich is way beyond the potential opportunities for expansion that my mind had seen, but it has been instead one of deepening into connection to my being, really being.

And sometimes this being has been so uncomfortable.

I have been able to find deep connection to myself through being in places like the gardens of the Magdalene mystic St Julian, in the quiet of the boat and the rich Magdalene rose lineage so alive in the land here as well as the people I am graced with meeting.

It all began to deepen after journeying to Les Contes in France last year, and receiving a sacred body awakening initiation at the foot of Montsegur, the Cathar stronghold, with Aletheia Pistis Sophia

This experience awakened deep remembering in me, and since then, the opening and the clarity has been so profoundly beautiful, alongside deep discomfort. It allowed me to begin to feel my body, especially the wisdom of my womb, more than ever before.

And of course, with that, it wasn't only bliss, but deep pain and discomfort I was ready to feel and heal, so graciously and effortlessly when I, at last, would surrender to the grace of the divine waiting for me to open to it.

Mary Magdalene has been guiding me and helping me connect deeply with my womb and to share this with others.

Mother Mary and her grace, with her healing waters, has guided me and helped me in so many ways beyond words, each day she helps me feel in places I before couldn't even face, let alone feel safe enough to move through.

And Goddess Isis, through teachings of astrology, divine feminine embodiment as the key, and blue lotus flower, has guided me to open to so much beyond my comfort zone.

As well as this Jesus, Christ Consciousness, came to me in France last year, and has guided me in aligned action and healing the barriers I have had to the masculine.

I am so deeply grateful to be beginning to share this wisdom beyond my fears to do so, sparking the light of this deep remembering within others, and being open to miracles.

Because this last year since I surrendered to this path, has been nothing short of miracles!

If you'd like to find out more about connecting to yourself through feminine and masculine embodiment practices with the mystics, goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Jesus through meditation, holistic massage, ceremony, and intention, please contact me


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