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When the feeling's good!

After nearly a month off taking the time to hold myself with love, focus on myself a little more, take the time for writing my poetry book, as well as settling into my new University, I am feeling so recharged and ready to step up!

This really wasn't easy for me at first as I'm such a doer and want to give so much, yet I heeded the call to slow right down and tend to myself and wow have I gained SO much from doing so! I learnt a lot about myself, especially that I was STILL worthy even when I wasn't doing a lot but instead by being, I was actually so much calmer and in flow!

New Earth we are here! Are you feeling this newness, but in lots of ways unsure of what step to take next? Are you feeling the call to slow down and step back a little?

You're not alone, not one bit. Whether it's because of the immense changes in the world we're seeing, the fact mars and mercury are in retrograde which energetically can really slow us down but on top of that, we all have our own individual blocks that can really make us feel like we're stuck, but actually this can be and usually is the place where we learn and grow the most! With gentle kindness to ourselves, we are getting through it, together. That really is the key from here on in; our oneness. Our interconnectedness, and in denying this we lose sight of where we're going and we lose heart.

When I say oneness, I mean with everything. Not just our family and friends, but the entirety of humanity and the planet. The very Earth we've grown distant from is calling us to work with her and heal both outwardly and inwardly.

And with the grounded knowing that we are one, what better time than to connect with a Full Moon Meditation Circle on Friday 30th October at 8pm UK time. It's a blue moon, falls on Halloween and is the halfway point between the Autumn Equinox we had and the Winter Solstice. Powerful stuff!

What a time to harness our connection to ourselves, our guides when the veil is thinnest and with soul sisters who are on a similar path. Together we can harness this powerful energy, connect and nurture all that we are and enjoy the numerous benefits of gathering in circle to celebrate and connect deeper. You can book on via the link or at the events tab on my website.


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