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The Universe by your side

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The dragonfly, the water

And the ancient willow tree 

A beautiful body of spirit

No different from you and me

So why I hear you ask 

Do we stop to stand in awe

At the nature stood before us

Yet at ourselves we only flaw?

What if we could remember

That we're not a speck of dust 

No matter how we've been treated 

Shining our light remains a must

We might have grown so bitter 

And live with a heavy heart

Or even turned so far away 

We're at a loss with where to start

But she was always there beside you

And knew you'd be back someday 

When you noticed it's not outside you 

And she asks for you to stay 

You have a choice within each moment

To be in love or be in fear

So why not try surrender

To let her hold you near

I know the dark is messy 

And a daunting place to be 

So sit with me a moment 

Beneath this willow tree

With her roots to really hold you

Toes dipped in the stream

Notice how the colours change 

When you allow yourself to dream

Except this is no fantasy 

Nor figment of the mind

No this is the beauty of the universe

Of which you are designed 

So take this along with you 

When you next might need the guide

To choose a life of love and joy

With the universe by your side 

- Clare McCauley


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