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The Signs

The first time that I saw the signs Something sparked within A voice of gentle knowing That something magic may begin

But it would quickly turn to doubting And a distrust in what I saw Regarding them as only dreams And never something more

But this voice could not stay silenced And the pull became so strong To listen to my inner voice Despite being taught that that was wrong

Only now can I see why They discouraged my soulful art To keep me caged within myself So distant from my heart

In giving away my power And working to the ground It that place of so much emptiness No love was ever found

It took all the loss and crumbling For my lens to truly clear And for me to choose to live my life Free from control and free from fear

And in this place of nothing I found I actually had it all Space was made to hear the guidance To rise after the fall

So when the signs again appeared This time I vowed to be Surrounded in its loving embrace And out of the cage I was set free

© Clare McCauley


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