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The day it all changed

Trigger Warning: Trauma

Reflecting back on the time two years ago that I arrived in magical Sedona. The place where everything changed, just a month into my life changing trip around the US.

I sat down in the most beautiful spot overlooking the red rocks and something shifted in me from someone who the world was so brutally against (trauma before joining the army, surviving sexual assault in the army and an abusive relationship) to coming to realise the beautiful person I am, in all that I am. The crazy hair, the awkward ways, the messy, wild, the aching pain and the ways the world had me fear all of those parts, when really they were my gifts all along.

I sat there and deeply reflected, thinking yes I may have overcome a lot but that I wasn't alone, I wasn't a victim and it was up to me to choose to live in love and not in fear any longer.

That night I watched the most beautiful sun setting and the moonrise over what I found to be called Bear Mountain, and it was here I began writing it all down.

To say I'm so deeply grateful to that place in the red rocks for holding me that day would be an understatement

If you ever feel like you're not enough, like the world has been cruel to you and there's no way out, there really is. You are supported more than you know, loved more than you know and that pain, trauma and hardship may not feel like a gift right now, but one day it will. Keep going, and you'll be glad that you did.


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