• Clare

Surrendering in Nature

Knelt down in anguish With my hands upon the trees I wonder what she has for me And so I surrender to the breeze

The sacred wind she pulls me close And whispers in my ear Slow right down and let it go I am you holding you my dear

I ignore, I fight, I struggle Against all she has to say Is this all imaginary? I doubt anybody hears me pray

I give, I give, I give But the world seems far too tough For my softness and my love Perhaps I don't do enough?

And here the shadow enters To wreak havoc in my mind To leave me at wit's end And back to the grind

This circle, this cycle goes on Surely there's a way out? But this time it was different At last she heard my shout.

I hear her whisper; "You search and search for answers from the chaos all around, When quietening was what you needed To find your holy ground.

Your inner well is ready If you gift yourself the space To really sit and listen In a loving warm embrace"

And with her words a part of me, I find the strength to stand back up Knowing she's within me If I look around, within and up


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