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It's ever so easy to forget how enough we really are and that the only moment we have is now, where we are, as we are. That the universe is in our favour.

When the odds are against us or we feel that they are, we fall back into the old ways of fear and sorrow, indirectly and subconsciously hoping if we hold on tight, that the pain, the fear and the suffering will all cease to exist.

But it doesn't disappear. In lots of ways when we grasp so tight and resist the natural course of cycles, of life and of our feelings, we barricade ourselves in a perpetual cycle of suffering, with no room for the new to come in.

So we must sit with it. Feel it all. Call in support from the earth, people, guides or whatever feels right. Release what is weighing us down, what isn't ours to carry and the attachment to outcome. And in doing so, we surrender.

Surrender to the process. To the force of life so much more magical and powerful than we can even imagine. And that's it. Our minds cannot comprehend the magic and the magnitude of beauty waiting to be born, so we must instead choose to allow our hearts to feel the way, in the arms of trusting something so much greater than ourselves

© Clare McCauley


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