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Welcoming in the New

My earthly vessel as wild as the deep soil between my toes

Yet so vibrantly alive, pulsing, calling out to be heard, to be nurtured

My blood as powerful as cascading waterfalls that fill these lands

Yet graceful like the magical fords we immersed our childhood years in

Our radiant hearts as sacred as gleaming stars that grace our skies

Yet so fiercely we turn to close these doors in anguish

Our breath as vital as our presence in this world,

But how can we breathe life into all that we meet, if we can’t do so for ourselves?

Clare (Rose Medicine Woman)

There have been a number of changes you may have seen around here, or maybe you’re new, if so, I warmly welcome you here.

It’s been a wild ride these last few months for me, finishing my shamanic healer training, moving from our house aboard our boat near Norwich, being guided to the path of the divine feminine and the rose, and all the in-betweens and challenges that come with change.

But I am here, and I am so glad you are too.

The world and all its heaviness have left me some days curled up in my blanket, hiding away from all the noise of what seems to be through my eyes; old ways crumbling and rising anger in the world, and there are days I so passionately, urgently want to make a change.

But things are different. I know I can’t make a change in my world or the world around me from this place of urgency, lack, as it’s all in the name of fear. And we are not in control.

I remember that I have this breath, and to lean a little further into my softness.

In this place, with a graceful sigh and a dropping of my shoulders, I am reminded that we can evolve and grow more gently and in harmony. And it is a deep-rooted power we discover when creating from this place, not power over, it’s love.

So, in this place of love, I find myself back on social media, with all this newness all around me. An exciting path has unfolded before me, one of sharing the mysteries and medicine of the rose, the divine feminine, which resides within us all and I have been guided to bring this into my work, alongside my holistic massage and shamanic healing.

And so, I welcome you! This wide-open space in all its newness is as daunting as it is beautiful. But why wait until it’s not daunting, or we “know/have/feel enough.”

You are already enough. Share you with the world


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