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  • Clare

Searching for the Light

We wait for it to appear in the next payslip, in the next holiday, in the comfort of a relationship or in the distant future when all other aspects of our life have lined up ready for it.

But that in fact never happens.

There's no greater disharmony than searching for the light outside of you, because it all starts within.

All of the good moments, the difficult moments and everything in-between are calling you back home to your heart. It bizarrely is that simple. Yet the human mind and condition brings in fear to the narrative to protect and prepare you, and on goes this cycle. UNTIL you can recognise EACH TIME, where you have become so distant from your heart and declare to the universe that you commit to turning inward instead of away. And I promise this gets easier over time. But it begins as a promise to yourself.

After all, the light only gets brighter the more you tend to it. Come home to yourself and the universe will endeavour, as it always does, to reward you in ways beyond imagination.

Take a moment now to check in with where you've turned away from the heart, and change the narrative of your life in this very moment, by turning in <3


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