• Clare


RESTING IS A REQUIREMENT (unpopular opinion in the old worn out ways of the world)

With rest comes so much growth. Often we feel so blocked and stuck because we feel so clear on what we want, but we don't surrender to the unfolding of that very thing.

We must be patient, allow ourselves to rest when the heart pulls us to, be guided to know when to release our grasp and surrender to the process

My slowing down and time of spiritual maintenance (as a beautiful soul sister called it) has brought so much clarity, wisdom and trusting. And what a week of slooowwwing right down it has been. Anyone else been taking a bit of step back from it all?

There have been some triggers there that's for sure, but as always they are there to work with and work through, and I'm feeling hopeful.

Hopeful for change.

Hopeful for the world waking up to the infinite abundance of love

Hopeful for balance in the coming of the New Earth

Hopeful for what's next, knowing deep within that it's going to be more magical than we ever could imagine

Hopeful for the start of 2021

How are you feeling?


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