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  • Clare

Mother Earth

As I wander out through the trees

I wonder why I had strayed so

far away from mother earth

I look around and I surrender

Surrender to the beautiful sound of birds welcoming in the spring

To the earth beneath my feet

The fresh air that fills my lungs

And the calm serenity that surrounds me

How we long to bask in the joys of nature like we did as a child

Watching our dens come alive with adventure and mysticism

Carefree and connected to it all

But I pause here for a moment

Dear one, you never needed to stop dancing through the long grass

Or dreaming of faraway lands

Inspired by nature's magic and magnitude

I bask in gratitude for all that I am

And all that I always was

It was never about becoming

It was never about searching,

It was always in the knowing

The knowing of the beauty that has always been mine

And now with each step forward

I stand tall

Grounded, raw and vulnerable

I need not wait until I can meet with nature again,

For I know that this powerful nature lies within every single one of us


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