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Loving Yourself

I love myself I love my life

Saying this we meet judgment, jealousy and discouragement. So back into our cave we go. Round and round. But this time it's different.

I see you. I see that you want more than this life. That you know there is so much more. I see you wanting so desperately to stop doing the things that bring you down, how you dream, how you long to play more, to create, to stop appeasing others, to come back to your heart and feel the freedom of slooowwingg right down.

You are not alone.

Only now this longing is not a distant plan or a faraway dream, or something to strive or work your tired ass off for. It's here right in this very moment, within the portal of your heart.

As a planet and within humanity we are experiencing a great shift and are ascending and evolving beyond the current reality. Darkness is falling down, both within and outside of us.

You might have felt a change this past week, after so much was dredged up to be healed before a sense of deep calm and lift in energy appeared.

All of this my mind struggled to comprehend with at first when I received messages about this time a few months ago, but I surrendered and trusted my inner guidance and here we are. Times are changing and it's your time to choose love

Stop for a moment and ponder on this:

How often do you do what you TRULY love?

And I mean that grinning ear to ear, goosebumps tingling, heartfelt knowing feeling that you are in alignment. When you choose to do something for the simple love or fun of it.

That's just for when you're a child right? We have responsibilities, money to make, material goods to consume and people to please, there's no time for joy and love!

Then when we stop to catch our breath we wonder why we crave the love we've grown so distant from giving to ourselves.

This ends here.

The crumbling dark and old ways worked like that. So many of us went at a thousand miles an hour and never questioned a thing. But times are changing.

We all have a part to play in this new timeline that is happening right now. The only way to know what that is, is by tuning in to your heart. When we talk about saving the planet, we are a mirror of that.

What you can do right now, is vow to choose love. We need a world full of heart. Creativity for the love of it.

I know it's ever so easy to do what is expected or share what you think people want to hear. It might feel like the easy road but it's not yours and it will never fulfill your heart and soul. The world misses out on your authentic light when you hide it.

When our moves, careers, relationships and creations aren't in alignment, it's a hard reality to face at first. But trust the letting go. There have been times in my life when I came to realise that nearly every single thing wasn't in alignment with my heart and soul. When the trauma and the pain screamed so loud that I felt at times like I could barely breathe. The most valuable thing I learnt through those times was not the resilience, but instead it was the softening I found towards myself. The loving embrace that I held myself in.

When we are in it, it's painful and frightening, but we always have the choice to choose love. To choose to soften and honour wherever we might be in this very moment.

Let yourself fall into the arms of the Universe, not despite the fear but BECAUSE of it. Leap anyway and I promise you the trust will follow.

How are you going to choose love? For you and in turn for the world around and within you.


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