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  • Clare

I see you

Here's to the year that changed everything. And although this newness may come with a deep fear of the unknown, worry and hesitation about where we are headed, right now we are in that change and we are so much stronger together.

And so I want to tell you that I see you

How you feel the fear but keep on going

How you are learning to trust in it all when all else seemingly crumbles around you

How you choose to no longer search, but instead sit in stillness and meet something far greater than you could ever have envisioned

How you answer the call to so bravely turn inwards instead of away

How you are learning to let your walls down and invite love in

How you deeply yearn for a greater way of life, for yourself as a part of the bigger picture

And I would love for you to know that all of that matters and holds such infinite power, more than you know.

I see you.


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