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Diving deeply into astrology is giving me such whole-hearted permission to be who I am

To heal from what I am not

And journey towards all I am here to be

In honour of ourselves, and our ancestors whom communed with the earth and the cosmos in the ways I am rediscovering, I am offering intuitive astrology readings discounted this summer, in line with the powerful Leo season and the lions gate portal

Together, held in a beautiful ritual space, you can open to your soul's map and discover more about yourself, your journey, and your purpose through this intuitive astrology reading.

We will talk about and explore your birth chart, intuitively guiding you to unlock, discover, and embrace parts of your being.

Enabling you to have a deeper understanding and connection with yourself as a part of the cosmos.

This can be done online over a video call or in person at the Yoga Tree Studio in Norwich as well as beside the river.

Enquire to find out more, or book your free intro call if you have any questions.

If you are facing financial difficulties, installment options and concessions are available.



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