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dreams are ours




is there waiting to be tapped into

around and within us

what are you dreaming of?

what are you willing to say a full-hearted yes to?

often, it's only looking back that we see the magical turning points, redirections, and breadcrumbs that led us to the place we are today

six years ago, I discovered Leon bridges' music at latitude festival, whilst I was still in the army, engulfed by pain on all levels, but music, his music particularly, gave me sanctuary for a moment

I sang, danced, moved to and moved by his music in a way I hadn't ever felt before

fast forward two years, and I finally was allowed to leave the army after a long battle with my mental health and poor treatment

Again, Leon bridges and his music was there and it deeply inspired me to explore more of the US, particularly louisiana and tennessee

And that's exactly what I did

I left the army and travelled around the US solo, discovering more about myself, healing myself, learning to meditate, journalling, and then I arrived into Nashville and met my beloved Lawrence

If you were to tell 20 year old me all those years ago that I would be living aboard a boat (the universe said a full yes when we looked around it last year, his song river playing on the radio), that I'd marry the love of my life walking down the aisle to river, and be sharing my healing tools at latitude festival, where it all seemed to begin, wow

I share this because life is magical

We are magical

And if you have lost sight of that, if the world feels heavy

Remember that you are strong

That the universe is always speaking

And you deserve to listen, receive, and be in all of its wonder


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