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  • Clare

Heart Temple

Out of the head and into the red rock cavern of her blooming heart.

She watched as the world continued at a thousand miles an hour. So many times she'd tried to save and pull others from the crumbling chaos, but today she returned back to the temple of her heart.

She'd been here before. She had spent so many years thinking it was in her thoughts, in her prayers and in her imagination, but her soul called for her to know that it was so much more. She heard the call to drop the mask, to drop the search, and to drop the saving. Here she found herself.

She danced and felt the earth beneath her feet until she became so light and stood tall, as free as a bird. Her inner flame was burning stronger and her light getting brighter. The whirling chaos of the world continued to pass by, faces and details were blurred as they passed in a flash. She would turn away and continue to dance but every so often, like a miracle, all would slow down for a moment for people to appear out of the chaos. They offered welcomes, gratitude and they shared the lights of their own flame. She wasn't alone anymore. She'd heard it before in the wisdom of the trees, in the secrets of the stones, in the voices of the waves and stories of the birds, but never from the lights of other souls. There's no going back to the old way now. Her power lies in being here now, out of the head and in the heart, where her inner flame can be a mirror so others can see their light. Together, they can pave the way out of the chaos and into the light.


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