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Grounding in Nature and its Healing Benefits

Autumn leaves paint our landscapes a multitude of colours, on the surface, we see vibrant leaves and life still moving, but what we don’t see are the depths of darkness that exist beneath the surface. Cycles of life, death, rebirth, and renewal. Just because we try to turn from the dark, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And this isn't dark to be feared, this is the natural soils from which we came. To overcome these fears, a powerful tool we can use to help us cultivate our connection with the earth, is grounding.

What is Grounding?

At the physical level, it's a connection between us and the earth, also known as earthing. The body connects to the earth's electrical charge, and at the emotional, spiritual level, grounding has numerous healing benefits, from reducing stress, decreasing inflammation, and improving emotional wellbeing. Beyond this, the power of grounding in nature is one to be experienced. Once we begin to connect with the earth, we can begin to remember our more simplistic, yet limitless nature, in harmony with the cycles.

Grounding Techniques

- Stand barefoot on the earth and deeply breathe, noticing the sensations

- Place your hands upon a tree and notice the vibrations, observe what you feel

- Paddle or walk in a body of water and feel yourself immersed in the cleansing, uplifting power of water

- When eating fruits or vegetables, cultivate a connection to the food and consciously consume with consideration and gratitude for where this has journeyed from

Please note, sometimes vast landscapes can be hard to find in modern society, so even placing your hands upon soil in a plant pot or against stone can be just as powerful for grounding. It all ultimately comes down to intention.

When we begin to step into those places we were taught not to go, to fear, to talk about the many topics left unaddressed, we begin to see that our depths are what hold our power. That we are not the saviour we have been waiting for, because we never needed saving. We are and always have been, powerful beings of nature and the stars.

And as we get closer to the first eclipse of two in Scorpio (Oct 25th & Nov 8th ) we step into a time of decay, rebirth, and the realm of shadow. Notice where fear is showing up for you, tune out the outside noise and turn inwards when you can, return to the earth from which we came, ground and know that this is collective. It’s a time of releasing, surrendering, and allowing all that no longer serves to fall away.


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