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  • Clare

Coming Home

Come with me and return home

I know dear one that the waves of change have hit you hard

And how you long to belong somewhere

So rest your tired head here on nature's blanket

Down beside the flowing river

There is no need to fight for now against the current

In this sacred space the outside world quietens

It quietens enough for you to feel your breath fill every cell of your body

To just about hear the gentle whisper, that

You were always enough

Teachers, healers and kind souls can plant seeds of love

So when handed back to you,

You can tend to it with all your being,

For you are the maker of your life

You may be guided and supported

Brought light from others to aid you along the way

But transformation starts within

In meeting your inner wild

When you then must return to the chaos

Know too that you will rise again

Rising isn't just the blazing phoenix

Or an outward triumphant victory

But a soft voice calling you to come home

Home to your very being

To keep on trying

Day after day to tend to your soul,


Only in the direction of love

After all, we are made up of stars

Call it source, divinity, science or god

We are all one

We may not know what's coming next but we have faith

For when we go within we begin to heal all

You dear one were always made up of light

You can stand in awe of a sunset that sets the sky ablaze

Or feel the pull of a mystical full moon lighting up the night

But the beauty you see is you

You are what you think is so far outside of you

So join me and return home


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