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Blazing through the doubt

I've been told by my inner guidance and by others a number of times that I undersell myself.

I would take note of this guidance time and time again, and tuck it away somewhere for a later date

As my shamanic teacher says, we become part of the "when I...then I.. tribe" which makes me laugh, then it makes me think.

When I have more experience...then I can ask for more

Except that far away destination will keep on moving, the goalpost will change and the excuses to stay small and undervalue myself will adapt to another form

The parts of me that are so afraid of appearing greedy, afraid that others will miss out and so on, are simply projections of my own fear

And really, in the long run, I'm missing out

How can I fill my own cup and then give to others, if I don't value myself?

By devaluing my worth and my work by sometimes asking for the equivalent price of a meal deal in shops for the beautiful work I do, it's ever so easy to become exhausted

So when the inspiration comes to adjust how I work from now on so that I value myself, it feels like a breath of fresh air 🌬

Discomfort arises, fear tries to choke

But my heart says yes, and it's time to listen❤️🌹

If you're looking to join my next few events, you'll see i've included a sliding scale to allow you beautiful souls to pay what you can

I would like to say don't be afraid to ask, to be open to receive more than you think you're worthy of, whether that's abundance in money, love, blessings.

And as I reflect on the words "don't be afraid" I feel so strongly, that actually you can be afraid, but bring it with you.

Recognise the fear wanting to hold you back and keep you safe, and smile and do it anyway😜😎


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