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  • Clare

Balancing it all

In flow, effortlessly present to the beautiful pulsing life flowing within and around us.

No attachment, no questioning.


In that frequency of love, dreaming, feeling, surrendering.

The body moved by breath and raw sacred emotion.

The shoulds and coulds fade away, free as we'll ever be. As we've always been.

I love to stay here, and sometimes I stay here a little too long.

Days have passed before where I stayed here to hide from the world or to procrastinate from taking aligned action good for me.

Why is that? Maybe because it scares me. I might not always be able to see it in those moments, but it's so true. It feels safer to stay in my comfort zone, but when it's aligned action, the heart will always know the way and guides us to take the next step. No matter how big or small, it's still a step. And the fear coming up is even more of a reason to do it.

How exciting is it to know that the more we heal, the less our old stories will have a hold over us and inform our lives, and we can begin to step into the expansive field of our limitless potential!

What would you do if nothing was holding you back (or you didn't perceive that it was?)


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