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Saying Yes to Me

Last night in ceremony I healed and processed things that had been so deeply buried, things I had forgotten about up until then

And today while the world around me seemed a little chaotic and heated, I felt I wasn't in the chaos, but I was instead like an onlooker, which feels so empowering.

I had had preconceptions of this time to come, the power of this total eclipse tomorrow, apocalyptic fears mixed with a subtle tidal pull back to trust. A mental struggle between thought and feeling.

Today however, this deep unknown excites me.

Multiple possibilities. Opportunities.

What path shall I take? What do I really wish to call in? What is already calling me? What can't come with me into the new?

As my campervan broke down today, the pilgrimage I expected to go on tomorrow has changed course, and it dawned on me just how much of a constant unexpected twists and turns are in life, and that that's okay.

We do not know where we are headed, but if we connect deeply to our truth, both our shadow, and light, in the words of Julian of Norwich "all shall be well"

I intend to find a way, a whole lot more heart-led tomorrow, in kindness. After all, this pilgrimage began the moment I said yes to me🌹🍄❤️


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