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The true feminine within us

Although I deeply love the women in my life, and the feminine aspects of the men in my life too, yesterday's social media bombardment of international women's day posts actually really triggered me

I honour the feminine I love the restful, ease of her The connection to my heart And I'm learning to let her wildly roar too

But I feel such aching discomfort at seemingly waiting until society tells us to, to celebrate the feminine

It reminds me too of the system I remain a part of, that urges I connect to the feminine aspects of myself but put it into a box, go 100 miles an hour and share it all with urgency

That to me is so so far away from feminine

I don't feel comfortable broadcasting my sacred rituals on social media Nor wearing certain clothes to fit a persona Nor only sharing the smiles and restful poses

How can we find peace and bliss if we're just trying to keep our heads above the water

When I remember to, I step out of the chaos.

Out of the urgency

I need not share my love for the feminine on the days we are seemingly demanded to, but every single day, as long as I can remember to

I need not change the way I dress, dance, laugh, love or walk because of the pressure I perceive to do so

The feminine in me howls in the sea in the winter like "a crazy"

Stands barefoot in the park, muddy amongst the frowns of others

Wears clashing colours with coffee down her top

Cries as loudly as she laughs

And chooses silence and solace in those places she once felt she had to fill

What does the wholesome feminine within you truly wish for?


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