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Change is in the air

As Venus enters Pisces this week, which is the dreamy, intuitive sign of the healer, a deep sensitivity in me comes to the surface.

I remind myself, this process isn't linear. It's not about results nor is it about fixes.

Healing is a process, a natural one. But one we must play a part in.

As I deeply exhale back in the comfort of my own home, reflecting on the time I spent away on a beautiful sacred quest to Croatia, I feel deep gratitude.

However, beside it lies a burning fire of frustration

Of not setting strong boundaries in a few areas of my life And yet feeling annoyed when the same things happen

Time And Time Again

These feelings of disempowerment, have not happened to me, I am presented with the opportunity to rewrite the story that I am living.

To pave a new way.

I feel the rage, the feelings, the pain. The fear of all this newness and not feeling like I know where I fit. It shouts so loud because it wishes to be heard, it wants to go somewhere.

Deep Inhale

Gentle Exhale

I hear the words "you are in your cocoon now, but you will blossom and fly again, and it's going to be far greater than you can even imagine "

It's seemingly simple yet feels so challenging when we resist. We have the choice. And so I choose to let the energy move, to let the emotion be heard and to choose another way.

Often we are taught to contain the rage we hold inside, to equate worth and value in our achievements instead of in our vulnerability and ability to be compassionate, to ourselves and to those around us.

So as we let our rage speak, We let our fire burn.

What wishes to move out? What do you need?

Have you been feeling the fire and frustration? This is very typical of Aries season, and immense changes are happening individually and collectively. You are not alone.

In asking ourselves these questions, we are given the opportunity to rewrite the story, to rewrite the cycle in a way that best serves our heart.


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