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In this practice, we gift you with a powerful practice combining a connection to the elements and yourself as a part of everything.


Working with herbal medicine and plant spirits, as well as softening into a place of protection, surrender, and connecting to your essence.


Handcrafted with love, spirit, and connection, and woven together by myself, Rose Medicine Woman, a shamanic healer, astrologer, writer, and mentor, and Giorgia Helena Rose, herbal astrologer, artist, and herbal apothecary owner.


We hope you find as much peace, inner sanctum, and love in this as we have done, creating this for you.


You will receive this gift by email, please share your email below and share if you would like to be kept up to date by email with occasional offers and courses we will be providing, please note these emails will be no more than twice a month.



You are Sacred Practice

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