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This journey of embracing your power within is a space for you to dive more deeply, at your own pace, into all the parts that make you whole. Through rituals, practices, journalling, embodiment, and journeying, it's a self-paced space to discover and reignite your connection to yourself and the thread of life.


To journey together with the elements, held with love, and reverence for the seen and unseen, I have weaved together shamanic practice, divine feminine practice, astrology and so much more, in such an accessible and grounded way.


I am so passionate about sharing this wisdom that is deep in all of our bones, so we can awaken to our light and shine from a deep place of knowing our inner power.


To be able to share with you what would usually be worth over £500 in individual sessions feels so powerful and important, and such an opportunity not to be missed.



This transformational, immersive journey through earth, water, fire, air a,nd spirit, with rituals, practices, tools, and journeys that will awaken your remembrance of just how powerful you truly are.


If you are ready to embrace the immense power that you hold within you,

this is all you need to join.


This space is self-paced, you can join at any time, and no experience of meditation, journeying, shamanism, or astrology is required.


PLEASE NOTE: this is an information page, you will receive a link to sign up for the course upon signing up here, or you can follow the link below   



Embracing your Power Within Online Course

  • Once purchased, no refunds available

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