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 Come and gather with us as we tend to our inner warmth and inner spark through the depths of winter. A time of giving and receiving, learning from one another, from nature, and opening a little more to the ancient wisdom that lives in our bones, intrinsically as a part of the stones and the stars, the plants, and the planets.


Through our embodiment as nature, we become attuned to the natural cycles and the power of the cosmos.


Weaving astrology, herbalism, tree spirit wisdom, shamanic practice and so much more, we journey together so that the essence of winter can be harnessed in a way that is tangible.


To come together in circle and remember the ancient ways, with recipes, detailed guides, origin stories, and folktales of herbs, as well as opening to the dreams, wisdom, insight, and inspiration that can be received when we are intentionally still in ceremony.


Clare is a shamanic healer, intuitive astrologer, mentor, and writer, with a passion for all things spirit. Be that the spirit of our creativity, the trees, the stars, or the mysteries of life, she has spent the last five years dedicating to and opening to ritual, ceremony, and seeing the sacred in all things, especially the life that can be found in bliss and play. Through her own addiction, trauma, and chronic inflammation recovery, her heart is lit up holding space for others to find their power and inner healer.


Giorgia is a herbalist, astrologer, artist, and nomadic dreamer, with a heart that longs to share all that life, nature and spirit have to bring as medicine to our mind, body, and soul. Her own personal health journey with the healing medicine of plants and flowers inspires her daily as she dedicates her life to service and collaboration with the earth and the cosmos.


Our heartfelt intention for this four-week ceremonial space is for the magic of co-creation to be weaved through all that gather, the people, planets, energies, ancestors, and plant beings. For the essence of our space to course like a gentle stream through our beings, gifting us with light, hope, connection, and ease as we journey more deeply into winter.


This is for you if any of the below resonate:


🪔 you would love to harness the power of winter and all that she brings, together in community


🪔 you are called to deepen into intentional living with the cycles and your cycles


🪔 you have been called for quite some time to connect more deeply to your inner power, wisdom, and intuition


🪔 you know deep down that you have gifts, and medicine to share with the world, but would love to empower yourself more and bring this to the forefront


🪔 you know that your healing and stories can become the greatest teachers and gifts, but would love the safe space to delve deeper into harnessing this


🪔 you long to walk in harmony with the earth, understanding her medicine, but have felt barriers to opening to this


🪔 you are ready to move forward and open to the miracles you know deep down that you have within you and that you are worthy of receiving


Join us, as we meet for four Thursdays in December (UK time 7 pm – 8.30 pm via Zoom)


 There will also be self-paced resources, learning, and integration practices shared between calls that can be read or utilised at any time.


Dates for the live ceremony calls:


Thurs 7th December 23

Thurs 14th December 23

Thurs 21  December 23

Thurs 28th December 23



Can I still join even if I can’t make it live?


Absolutely, recordings will be sent out within 24 hours.



Are there installment options or scholarships available?


There are options for monthly installments as well as a number of scholarship options, please contact to enquire



Do I need to have prior knowledge of herbalism, astrology, or shamanism?


No, we strongly believe in the ancient wisdom that we all hold within us, wherever we are on our life journeys, wherever our learning has taken us.



Earlybird price ends 13th Nov. Enquire by email if you have any questions.

Earth & Ether Ceremonial Course

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