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Are you feeling ready to move through barriers and beyond limitations, to make changes and realise your own potential? To move and clear energy no longer serving you? To connect deeper to yourself? You are not alone and I'd love to help you navigate your way back to your heart and the source of infinite power that resides within you. This is your journey, and I honour holding space for you to learn, grow and discover all about yourself 


This bespoke package catered to you, includes;

- 2 x 2-hour 1:1 sessions 

- Whatsapp follow-up support during daytime working hours between and after sessions

- 2 x personalised guided meditations recorded and sent to you to listen to at any time


Each session is 2 hours by either phone call, video call, or at the yoga tree studio I hire in Norwich. Within the session, we can use powerful healing tools such as guided meditation, shamanic energy healing, embodiment practices, and creative writing mentoring.


This is your time and is solely catered to you and your needs. If you feel the call to have an initial free discovery call, then that too can be arranged. I really look forward to hearing from you and joining you on this journey within, back home to you.


Installment options are available


* Please let me know if you are experiencing financial difficulty and we can arrange another option for you. It's so important that healing and guidance remain accessible and inclusive to all.


1:1 Healing and Mentoring Package

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