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~ Remembering our lives are a sacred ritual ~

I remember hearing the words whispered to me, not through a voice I recognised at the time, that “when you honour yourself in ritual, you honour us all”.

This was quite some time ago, before I understood the way that our ancestors, spirits of the land and so on speak to us, and long before I understood and embodied the sacred acts of self-love in ritual.

Whenever I even begin to think about ritual, my mouth curls into a smile and I can feel my heart light up.

So what is ritual?

It began for me when I started ceremonially honouring the land during the solstices and other significant days of the year, before it evolving into honouring my spirit guides, ancestors, archetypes and I began discovering ways that felt like authentic, heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the beautiful world all around me.

But that was just the beginning.

Ritual became so whole and expansive when I began to really honour myself.

This could be with a bath, a walk, a candle lit in front of the mirror for a ritual of self love affirmations to myself or shadow work, the key element of it all is always in the intention. I can pamper myself in a pretty petal bubble bath and post it Instagram, but without the intention of creating ritual for and in honouring myself, these acts can easily become merely superficial. And it’s easy to do so, we’re unlearning years of conditioning and trauma from within our own lives and all that’s passed down, until we break those cycles. For me this began with ritual.

Maybe if you feel called, try placing your hand on your heart, breathe a few deep breaths and ask you heart what it would like right now. Whatever surfaces, see if you can do exactly that, with the intention of honouring yourself and remembering you are sacred, and connected to all that lives, breathes and exists all around you


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