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~ Embody ~

Yearning for an escape

A refuge from the pain

Out the door with armour on

We begin searching once again

For peace, joy and freedom

And to learn to trust the way

With a vast amount of love

That we hope will only stay

But years and lifetimes pass

Of searching far and wide

Our faith and hope it dwindles

Is there anything on our side?

But in that moment something shifted

Our barriers drop to the floor

An awakening of this forgotten heart

To surrender to something more

Peace calls for us to listen

And to really drop the fight

If it's peace in life we truly want

We can no longer hide our light

And with that joy proclaims

To ask our hearts what we love

And try to live a life full of these things

As miracles rain from above

Freedom then appears

To ask why we tame ourself?

And cage our authenticity

When truth is the greatest wealth

Trust ever so gently speaks

As we slow down enough to hear

That trust can only begin within

So we must hold ourselves so dear

By learning to embody

All that we desire

We magically awaken love

Like a newly ignited fire

The heart, it freely speaks

That we all too often stay

In the mind with thoughts of lacking

When the heart should lead the way

© Clare McCauley


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