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  • Clare

~ being in all the places that call you ~

What calls to your heart?

More often than not, when I breathe deeply, slow down to hear my heart beating or close my eyes gently, I see pine trees beside flowing rivers and beautiful rocks.

Only when I reflect now, can I recall that I've seen this kind of landscape ever since I was a child. Not because I was brought up in this kind of landscape, but perhaps because my heart and soul were always calling me here or back here. I excitedly embark on adventures centered around pine trees, bring pine needle tea into my medicinal rituals and enjoy the ongoing sacred and mysterious discovery as to why my being is so called to the pines.

Layer by layer

Wow after wow

Each synchronicity sets my soul alight

But gently so

As calm as the rivers that have called me

As wise as the tall pines standing strong

I remember that they are me, and I am them

What calls to you? And do you listen...

Stop and breathe it in

Be with it

Connect to it’s rhythm

Because you are it


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