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With all that's been playing out on the world stage down to our inner goings on, how can you soften your gaze towards yourself?

Take a moment to really consider that, not from the head but from the heart. And if that feels difficult, try taking a deep inhale in and out, and then ask the heart for the answer.

We are being called time and time again back to our hearts, but for so many reasons we often miss the call or put it off for another time. Then time passes and our hearts grow distant from us. This happens to me too. So I decided to set an intention to remember to check in when I can and really ask what does my heart want, surrendering every time I remember to. Nearly two years on and my life has transformed beyond imagination, all because of the power that resided in surrendering to the callings of my heart and the wisdom of my soul

So what do we do when we meet the heart? I urge you to soften towards it. To surrender. And to become comfortable with being there. It's not all perfect, it might not all be peaceful or joyful, but it's you. The unique you, one-of-a-kind. And meeting those parts we feel we can't love or accept or befriend, well they are the ones we must endeavour to try to. But I hasten to add, not with force. Always with softness, flow and gentle surrender.

Maybe right now there's parts of you you feel you can't love, and that's okay, why not try just being with those parts, to observe without judgement, without attachment. Become the watcher, there's no rush to befriend it all yet, when these parts are ready to be accepted, embraced and loved they will be, all in divine timing. It's all about this journey, not the end-point or destination. And this is where the magic of learning and loving yourself begins to unfold before you.

We will always be within our power when we come into loving or even just holding all of ourselves as being enough in our entirety and authenticity. After all, all of our parts make up the whole, and in endeavouring to bring all these parts together, we emerge out of the shadows and into the authentic and divine light we came here to be <3

I wrote this poem after an afternoon of shadow work and reflection, and I hope you enjoy!


Dreaming of a distant land

I long for a break from all the pain

Fearful in my hoping

That the dark won't come again

I search high and low for answers

For a place to safely be

Until I remember where that really is,

That place inside of me

The truth is I grew distant

When the pain became too tough

When the act of turning inwards

Would always show me I'm enough

I longed deeply for the joy

But I never asked my heart

And I longed deeply for the love

When with me is where it starts

I wanted all the freedom

But I couldn't accept myself

So I'd restrict and tame my wild

Like a puppet on a shelf

I searched high and low for peace

While fighting against my heart

Suppressing all my inner truths

Which all equally play a part

I felt ready to rise up

But I couldn't face the fall

Until the moment of my crumbling

When I finally heard the call

Of the harrows of my heart

Held so gently by my soul

All the parts I'd shunned and silenced

Are the parts that make me whole

© Clare McCauley

From my heart to yours, may you find as much love for yourself as so much of the world sees in you <3


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