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Equinox Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham

It's just a month now until we embark on our Norwich to Our Lady of Walsingham pilgrimage for the Spring Equinox.

We will be starting at St Julian's Church gardens in Norwich at 11am with a short meditation, then embarking on the beautiful hour drive along the pilgrimage route to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, meeting at National Mother Mary Shrine at 1pm (outside the shrine entrance next to the well) where we can all walk together to the Abbey Ruins, be in ceremony and see how the day unfolds, followed by tea and cake in the gorgeous cafe

This is a gathering and pilgrimage, co created and fun feel free to come along to any of the parts listed above. I will lead a meditation or two, but I'm also happy if anyone else would like to as well.

I feel so deeply grateful to be living on and with these beautiful lands, remembering and discovering all that is sacred!

If you'd like to join us in Norwich at St Julian's church gardens, in Walsingham, or all of them, send me a message. I will be streaming and recording the meditation if you'd like to access it afterwards, please contact me


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